Long events explained

When Are the Long Events Held?

The long events are usually held on the last Saturday of the month. This season’s Long Events will be held on 28 October, 25 November, 23 December, 27 January and 24 February.


Senior Long:   750m (15 laps) swim, 21km (3 loops) cycle, 5km run (2.5km turnaround)

Intermediate Long:  500m (10 laps) swim, 14km (2 loops) cycle, 4km run (2km turnaround)

Competitors who decide not to enter long distance events can still compete at the normal distance.

Starting Times

The Senior Long and Intermediate Long start at 5.45am (Seniors at the shallow end, Intermediates at the deep end).  There is an option to start at 5.30am for those who think they need extra time to complete the distance.

The Normal Distance events start at 6am. Intermediates at the shallow end and Seniors at the deep end.

Sign on Time

Competitors must sign on at least 15 minutes before their starting time.


All competitors that complete the long distance event receive 5 points in the point score competition, while those that complete the normal distance receive 2 points.

Note: These are not handicap events.

How to Enter

A week before the long events, competing members will be asked to indicate whether they want to enter the long distance event or the normal distance event.  Nomination sheets will be available. Members can also let the Events Coordinator, Chris Goudkamp, know by sending a message to 0408 669 174 or emailing cgoudkam@bigpond.net.au by the Thursday prior to the event.

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