Newsletter 20 November 2017

Last Saturday

Our events held on Saturday 18 November were held in very wet conditions which made things more difficult for competitors.  See results page.  Once again, the timing equipment stopped working for the Tri Mite events because of moisture in the system, so there are no split times for our young members.  A big thank you to the volunteers who recorded times manually.

Kawana Event

One of our members, Jeanette Annette, came sixth in her category in the Kawana Triathlon last Sunday.  Another great effort!

General Meeting

There is a general meeting of the club  on Wednesday 29 November at the pool from 7pm.  All members are welcome to attend.

Long Race

This  Saturday’s race is a long event starting at 5.45am.  Please send me a message via email or phone message before Thursday 23 November if you wish to change the distance from what you did last time the club had a long event.

Trimites will also be competing in a long race but they can simply indicate the distance in which they wish to compete on the morning of the race. The Trimite long distance is an extra lap of the pool, an extra circuit on the bike and an extra lap on the run.  Tiny Trimites do not have a long race.

There are no handicaps. Each participant completing the long course will receive five points for the point score competition, while those completing the normal distance receive two points.

Kingscliff Triathlon

The Kingscliff Triathlon will be held on Sunday 3 December.  Our club had been asked to provide volunteers to help conduct the event. We will be asked to assist in the transition area.  We still need more volunteers, so if you can help please contact me ASAP.

Remember “Don’t say Die, Just Say Tri”

Chris Goudkamp

Events Coordinator

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