QLD All Schools Triathlon and Aquathlon

6 Tweed Valley kids did themselves proud against top QLD state competition. Coach Brendan Murray was impressed with all of his athletes  Growth and courage shown by all. it was good to see the high level of competition and see how far the kids have come and where we need to improve. 

Lochie had the highest place result with a 2nd place of 45 competitors –  500 run 100 swim 500 run. 
He was bit flat out of the gates coming into the water in 7th place … But exited the swim in 3rd looking hungry but there was a decent gap to 2nd and 1st … He ran his heart out into second place and gave the leader a real scare who dug deep to hold on.
2nd / 45 

Xane had the Junior Tri 300/10/2.5. Placing 8th  5th-8th only separated by 6 seconds. He

 had tonsillitis all week and was able to put together one of his best performances

Jet the oldest,had the longest race intermediate tri 500/15/4 he seems to like the challenge of a longer event and started with confidence in a very daunting field that towered over him.It was a focused effort from start to finish knocking it out in 55 mins. One of his best races. 

Ethan and Hamish and Lomani had 1k run / 200 swim / 1k run
Strong performances by all these youngsters with finishes towards the top of the field – Lomani  11th / 111, Hamish 23rd/ 120 Ethan 38th / 120

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