The 2018/2019 TVT race program.

FEES 2018/19

Individuals                                                              $50

Families                                                                    $80

Juniors (under 19 at 31st December)                   $30

Sub Juniors (under 12 at 31st December)          $15

Non – Competing members                              $5

Casual Members                                                   $5

       Try Before You Buy Membership Offer 


NOTE:       To join both this club and Triathlon NSW, go to Tri NSW, (www.trinsw.org.au) and click on the links. All club members must be financial members of Triathlon NSW. 



Tiny Tri-Mites        under eight years old

Tri-Mites                 eight to 12years old

Intermediates        10 & over (under 12 years old must be supervised on the bike leg)

Seniors                   over 12


There is a one-off payment of $10 for the purchase of a timing chip needed to record individual times for events. Continuing members are reminded to use their allocated chip from previous years.  (Tri-Mites and Tiny Tri-Mites do not have to purchase chips)


Club membership fees do not cover entry to the pool complex.  Competitors and spectators need to purchase their own entry passes.

For information regarding pool entry phone (02) 6670 2750 or pick up a Tweed Regional Aquatic Centre (TRAC) brochure.


All races, except for the long distance races, are handicapped based on the best time from qualifying races.

Senior handicaps are taken from a base time of 54 minutes for the open event and 56 minutes for the women’s event, while intermediate handicaps for the open event is 38 minutes, and for the female event the base time is 40 minutes. Tri-Mite handicaps are taken from a base time of 21 minutes and Tiny Tri-Mites have a base time of 18 minutes.  


Senior short course                                                       Senior long course 

500m swim, 14km cycle, 4km run                                    750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run                                                                Long course event details

Intermediate short course                                        Intermediate long course

250m swim, 7km cycle, 2km run                               500m swim,10km cycle, 4km run

Tri-Mite short course                                                  Tri-Mite long course

150m swim, 3km cycle, 1km run                                     200m swim, 4km cycle, 1.5km run

Tini Tri-Mites

Up to 150m swim, 3 times around civic centre car park, 1km run


1st place                 10 points                               2nd place                9 points

3rd place                 8 points                                  4th place                 3 points

All other finishers: 2 points.

The first three place getters are re-handicapped.

In long distance race days, all finishers receive five points. Members who complete the short course receive two points.


For the Senior and Intermediate competitors, registration begins at 5:30am and concludes at 5:50am. Races begin at 6am.  For long distance races, registration and some starting times are brought forward by 15 minutes.  In March, the executive may vary these times to allow for a later sunrise.

Tri-Mite registration starts at 7:15am, with races beginning at 7:30am.


Competitors require swim wear, a bicycle (in good order), an Australian standard-approved helmet and running shoes.  All bikes must have a pre-season safety check.   A rear light is compulsory and front lights are recommended when the mornings are dark. Competitors are responsible for their own chip anklets.


Each competitor is issued with a race number and a chip number.  Race numbers are recorded in black pen on the right and left arm and on the right calf.  No one is to race without a race number. Timing chips must be worn  to gain points in the point score.


If weather conditions are unfavourable, the executive will determine whether racing will be cancelled that morning.


  • All competitors must be members of Tri NSW/Australia.
  • Competitors are responsible for knowing their own handicaps and begin the race on the correct wave times.
  • Competitors must start each event with a push-off from the wall rather than a dive.
  • Competitors must swim in a clockwise direction and keep to the left of the lane.
  • Swimming must be continuous, unless stopping at either end of the pool, with no wading allowed.
  • Triathlon Australia rules apply.  There is to be no drafting on the cycle leg.
  • This is not a closed bike course.
  • Overtaking during the cycle leg must occur on the right.
  • Competitors must not have bare torsos during the bike leg and the run.
  • An approved helmet must be worn on the bike leg. Helmets must be on the head and securely fastened before the bike is removed from the rack and not unfastened until the bike is replaced on the rack.
  • Competitors must mount and dismount their bicycles in the designated area during transitions.
  • Bikes must be returned to where they were originally placed before the race.
  • Children under 10 must be supervised by a parent or other suitable adult during cycle legs when riding on the road. Children from 10 to under 12 must be supervised by a suitable adult during the cycle leg if they wish to participate in the Intermediate distance.
  • Competitors must only cross Tumbulgum Road during the run leg at specified markers placed on the course.
  • Always be mindful of the traffic.
  • All road rules must be obeyed. All cyclists must come to a complete stop at STOP SIGNS. Note: This is a basic traffic rule and has been stipulated by the Police in giving permission for TVT to operate.


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